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Able, Gifted and Talented

 At Hinchingbrooke School we cater for the full range of student abilities. The ethos at our school is one of inclusive education aimed at each individual child to help them reach their full potential. Within our broad curriculum we recognise that some of our students have exceptionally high ability in a range of different areas. This may be specific subject, overall academic ability or they may display a talent in other areas such as sport or music. Some of our students tick all three of these boxes. These qualities need fostering so we recognise that our most able and talented students have particular educational needs and that we need to ensure they are suitably challenged. Where necessary we may seek the support of external agencies to keep our MAT students on track. In brief, our overall aim is to help staff recognise the talents and abilities of our most able students by creating and maintaining a challenging and enjoyable learning environment and school experience.