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1 Man & His Tent - 2012

 We are proud to introduce Harry O'Driscoll and his charity campaign raising money for Huntingdon Gymnastics Club.

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Who is Harry?

Harry is a 12 year old student in Year 8 at Hinchingbrooke School. Outside of school he is in the boy’s Junior Elite squad at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club. He is also living in a tent for a year...

He’s what?

Harry has undertaken the mammoth task of sleeping in a tent for a year in order to raise money for the Huntingdon Gymnastics Club. Come rain or shine Harry has been in the tent to raise awareness of the campaign currently being run at the Huntington Gymnastics Club.

What’s the campaign?

The club needs to raise £100,000 for a new Centre of Excellence. The club has trained Olympic, World and European competition medallists and needs to develop its facilities in order to continue producing such amazing athletes. Harry is working to ensure that this Centre of Excellence becomes a reality.

 What's he raised so far?

As of Sunday 24th March Harry has raised an incredible £3010.67. And he's still going!! If that's encouraged you to donate then do so here at

What's happening at the school?

The campaign is being rolled out amongst the students and some forms are coming together to fund raise for Harry. The school also held Hinchingbrooke's Got Talent where half the proceeds went to Harry's campaign. More and more information is being passed to the parents and school connections so that the message of what Harry has been up to can be spread far and wide!

What's his Mum got to say about the whole thing? 

We had a chat with mum, click here to find out what she had to say

What does his Gym say?

His gym are over the moon with the work Harry has been putting in. Here is what his head coach had to say about Harry's fund raising.

Where can I find out more information on Huntingdon Gymnastics Club?

Why not visit their site by clicking here. If you don't have time to browse their whole site, why not take just 5 minutes out of your day to watch their great campaign video and find out what this is whole event is hoping to achieve - click here. If you watch closely you can see that Harry appears almost as many times as a certain Olympian...

Where can I find out more information?

Please feel free to contact the gym or the school for any further details.

What can I do to help?

Donate today at